Arivale was founded with the vision of making personalized, data-driven, preventive coaching a new wellness paradigm in the United States.

Launched in 2015, the Arivale program collected dense data clouds of information for each participant over time, including genomic, blood analytes, gut microbiome and digital self-measurements. Based on this data and systems and behavioral science, Arivale health coaches presented participants with a personalized list of recommendations for improving their wellness and avoiding disease.

The results were remarkable. Participants reported high levels of engagement and satisfaction with the program, which produced significant improvements in multiple clinical health markers. In May 2019, a scientific paper describing the clinical outcomes for ~2500 participants was published in the journal Scientific Reports.

Regrettably, the Arivale consumer program was terminated on April 24, 2019. The decision was attributed to the cost of service provision exceeding what customers could pay.

Member Experience

Arivale members engaged in one-on-one coaching with a health professional (Registered Dietitian, Certified Nutritionist, or Registered Nurse).

Members received:

Member data was presented via the Arivale Dashboard:

Members also used a mobile app to access their data and to message with their Arivale coach.

Research & Publications

In May 2019, the journal Scientific Reports published Genetic Predisposition Impacts Clinical Changes in a Lifestyle Coaching Program, a study of clinical outcomes for 2500 Arivale program participants. The paper concluded:

This real-world study of a Scientific Wellness program demonstrated not only clinical improvements in participants with out of range biomarkers at baseline, but also many clinical improvements in the overall population, presumably related to sustained engagement and lifestyle changes. Furthermore, we report that genetic predisposition for nutrition and wellness-related phenotypes impacts clinical responses to a lifestyle coaching program. We believe that investigations into the relationship between genetic predispositions and the impact of lifestyle intervention will prove a fruitful avenue for further study.

Arivale team members authored a number of other papers and presentations:

Media Coverage

Seattle's Geekwire reported on Arivale from founding through shutdown: